.  Playful & flexible

It's not a

Venetian blind

  • The Turnalux system  - Room for design

  • The slats of the Turnalux system can be opened or closed individually with a simple hand motion

  • There are no fiddly (ladder) cords

  • 100% child safe

  • It is easy to reposition the blinds by gently shaking the system

  • The slats can be independently adjusted, just the way you want. This gives you greatest possible flexibility

  • The system can be playfully arranged with all kind of creative configurations

  • No bottom bar or large head rail needed

  • Turnalux is available with slat widths of 50 mm

  • Innovation  and design in cooperation with Pezy, Aerolux, Dormax and Wood&Washi

It's Turnalux!

The Turnalux system is playful, flexible, ingenious and functional in all areas. No disturbing head rails, no fiddly cords and very easy to assemble! In need of privacy & light at the same time? Discover all the advantages of the Turnalux system and be as impressed as we are!

Playful & flexible

Clips instead of screws | No damaged windowframes

Clips instead of screws | No damaged windowframes

Clips instead of screws | No damaged windowframes

  • No fiddly cords

    Rotating system hidden within every slat
  • Playful & flexible

    Configure & manage slats as you wish
  • Room for design

    No disturbing headrails
  • Easy to open & close

    One single hand motion
  • No ladder tape

    Clean and open design
  • 100% Child safe

    Safety comes first
  • Adjust slats independently

    With one simple movement
  • Ultimate light control

    A sunny room without sunshine in your eyes
  • No large head rail

    Beautiful design without disturbing rails
  • Ideal for tilt & turn windows

    Beautiful design without large and heavy rails
  • Easy to assemble

    Easy to assemble

  • Easy to mount

    Thin head rails
  • Easy remove & reinstall

    Taking it off was never easier..
  • Slats 50 mm

    Slats available in 50 mm

    Easy to assemble

    Easy to mount

    Our Clients

    We partner up and colloborate with innovative companies from all over the world.

    What clients say.

    „I would have never got where I am right now were it not for the Vision. They made all my wishes come true.“

    A. Smith

    Refined & patented

    Turnalux connects functionality and a warm atmosphere by use of wooden slats in a refined and patented technique. The 50 mm wooden slats are individually adjustable in 3 different positions. This makes controlling the lighting in a space, the view to the outside and your privacy manageable with a single motion. Turnalux is child-friendly and easy to assemble. It also offers the possibility to cover just the glass and leave the contours of the windows in view.

    Innovated & designed in cooperation with

    • The Turnalux system is Innovated & designed in cooperation with:

    Logo PEZY | a hands-on innovation agency in Groningen, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Houten en Singapore for product design. www.pezygroup.com
    Logo Dormax | one of the biggest wholesalers dealing with components of interior shading systems such as roller blinds, venetian blinds, roman blinds, panel tracks, Sunshield, Winter Meeting etc. www.dormax-blinds.pl
    Logo Wood & Washi | Exclusieve woninginrichtingssystemen in Japanse stijl zijn het handelsmerk van Wood & Washi uit Groningen. Alles handgemaakt en op maat. Wood & Washi gebruikt ook Japanse 'washi'-papier. www.woodandwashi.com
    •   Easy to assemble
    •   Easy to mount
    •   100% child safe
    •   No fiddly (ladder) cords
    •   No large head rail needed
    •   No bottom bar needed
    •   Ideal for tilt & turn windows
    •   Adjust slats independently
    •   Resposition slats by shaking
    •   Covers and uncovers any part of the window by one single hand movement
    •   Playful & flexible
    • Easy to open & close
    •   One hand motion
    •   Reposition slats by shaking
    •   Privacy & light well combined
    •   Easy to reposition blinds
    •   Windows & doors remain in tact
    •   Easy to remove & reinstall
    •   Slats available in 50 mm

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